Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mileage Stats Day 3

I got 33mpg on the same commute today on the way to the train, 31mpg round trip. ( again, car is rated at 20/27 and has AWD )

What was done differently today:

Tried using pulse and glide a few times on somewhat flat areas ( gliding in neutral )
- not sure if the ECU cuts off fuel when gliding in neutral or if you need to down-shift for this to happen.
- not sure what event tells the ECU that it should cut off fuel

Tried making turns more gradually where possible ( to reduce friction at tires )
- wider more gradual turns - ie. moving a little to right side of lane before turning left (when safe to do so)
- going as straight as reasonably possible though S shaped turns.

Tried idle-gliding faster when possible
- I figure idle-gliding slowly should be less efficient then idle-gliding fast since when gliding slower
you spend more time running idle.

I got stuck in traffic and had to crawl for about 2-3 minutes total - with no good opportunity to turn off engine.
Lost an opportunity to glide down hill due to traffic jam.

Was a little sloppy in controling rpm's. Last few days I have been keeping rpm's below 2250rpm at all times, doing 30-40 in 5th etc... I few times today I did rev higher - perhaps 3k. Wondering how optimal 2krpm really is. Will try commute at 3k on day, and 3.5k another day to see if its better/worse

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